ShortlyAI Review, Pricing & Alternatives

Do you often find yourself struggling to write content? Just can’t find the right inspiration for blogs and articles? An AI copywriting assistant just might be what you need. ShortlyAI is one of the many available AI assistants on the market today. 

In this review, we’ll discuss how ShortlyAI differs from the rest. 

What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is a writing assistant that you can lean on when you’re having a hard time putting your thoughts onto the page; with the simple click of a button ShortlyAI can immediately take over and complete your writing for you. 

You can have the AI continue your work, elaborate on your points, shorten your paragraphs to make your writing more concise and impactful. 

If your writing isn’t flowing quite right, you can also ask the AI to rephrase specific sentences for you. 

In addition to the above, with just a few keywords and a general description of what to write, ShortlyAI can generate well-written paragraphs and introductions for you. Brilliantly, all content generated by ShortlyAI is original, unique, and capable of passing plagiarism checks. 

Who is ShortlyAI for? 

ShortlyAI is for content writers, e-book writers, bloggers, business owners, digital marketers, and anyone who needs a little extra help or inspiration in creating excellent quality long-form content.


ShortlyAI uses an advanced AI that has been trained extensively under a variety of linguistic conditions in order to provide you with well-written paragraphs. 

Just by briefing the AI on what you are writing about, ShortlyAI can take over and assist you in finishing paragraphs with a single click. It really is that simple!

ShortlyAI can behave as a writing partner with its many writing functionalities; it can be as simple as rephrasing a single sentence or as intensive as writing entire paragraphs or introductions at your convenience.

ShortlyAI makes use of GPT-3 which is the current market leader in AI software.
Though it is powered by brilliant software, ShortlyAI does offer fewer features and capabilities than some comparable copywriting tools.  

Unlike most, ShortlyAI is geared more towards longer-form content such as blogs, essays, reviews, and stories meaning it has limited use for short-form content such as social media, ads etc. 


ShortlyAI has a very simple yet high-quality user interface that is easy to navigate for anyone of any skill level.

When you subscribe to ShortlyAI you gain access to powerful commands you can use to improve your writing in terms of both quality and efficiency. 

ShortlyAI harnesses the power of GPT-3 in order to write with a human-like quality that is unseen in less advanced programs; ShortlyAI promises to ”improve your writing and make writer’s block a thing of the past.” 

Ease of use

Despite being somewhat different from other popular AI tools, ShortlyAI is surprisingly simple to get to grips with; the interface of the web app itself gives you a similar feeling to writing on a piece of paper. 

Your workspace is clean, colored white like paper, and distractions are kept to a minimum with no main menus, buttons or other options that clutter the workspace keeping you on a focused path to creativity and inspiration. 

The instructions are all incredibly clear and your main task is to simply write and edit the content as you go along with ShortlyAI ready to continue writing for you at the click of a button. 

Because there aren’t any buttons or drop-down menus to select, ShortlyAI makes use of slash commands for you to instruct the AI on what you want it to accomplish.
Instead of the usual select-select-click process, it’s more of the AI being there to write with you. 

It may seem confusing at first however the commands are actually really simple once you get used to them. 

The commands are as follows. 

/instruct[instructions] Gives instructions on what the AI should write next (for eg /instruct[write about…])

/rewrite[text] Rewrites the selected text in a unique way.

/shorten[text] Shortens the selected text to make it more concise. 

/expand[text] Extends and develops the selected text. 

/// Tells the AI to disregard the text above the slashes and focus on what comes next; this prevents the AI from getting stuck in unwanted loops or repeating ideas. 

ShortlyAI provides thorough guidance for these commands as well as other things regarding the platform found in ShortlyAI’s Help and Guides so you will have all of the help you need to get to grips with the software. 


The monthly and annual plans for subscription to shortly AI are as follows:

ShortlyAI also offers a free trial for its new users however you are limited to 4 runs.
That means you can only click the write for me button 4 times before you need to purchase a paid subscription. 

Compared to other AI platforms, ShortlyAI’s services are much more expensive but is it worth it?
If you are a blogger or content writer in constant need of long-form content, ShortlyAI’s high-quality outputs stand to make a revolutionary difference to your writing which means the higher price point may be worth it. However, if you’re mainly in the market for short-form content then it is likely best to investigate alternative AI services. 

Review in detail 

Let’s test out ShortlyAI so you can decide whether it is right for you! 

Signing up 

ShortlyAI’s landing page is very simple and there isn’t much to look at yet the aesthetic of the platform remains overall very pleasant. 

One quick scroll down the page tells you immediately what the platform can do for you.
While there aren’t many testimonials to read ShortlyAI does include the logos of many media companies that endorse the use of the product. 

At the top of the page, you’ll see links to ShortlyAI’s FAQ’s, help, and guides. When you hover over help and guides you’ll be able to read guides for the commands the program uses as well as other basic tips to help you make the most out of this incredible tool. 

Included are also how-to guides on a multitude of subjects including ”how to generate a lot of ideas fast” and ”how to quickly create long articles”.
All of the posts are worth a read and are a big help when it comes to creating the best possible content with ShortlyAI. 

To sign up for ShortlyAI’s trial you need only your email address, name, and password however you can further simplify this process by signing up with Facebook or Apple. 

After signing up you will be greeted with a short welcome to the platform and some basic starter tips and information about the platform. 

It is fairly easy to understand and you can get started right away! 


As you’d expect, ShortlyAI’s dashboard leaves no room for any unnecessary distractions, the only things we can see here are the two buttons we press to begin writing. 

Once you click to start writing, ShortlyAI will ask you to select what you’ll be writing, since ShortlyAI focuses primarily on long-form content you’ll be given a choice between blog/article/nonfiction or story/creative piece. 

Following the established aesthetics of ShortlyAI’s previous pages, we are taken to our workspace with more minimalism.
Right away it is easy to see how simple it is to start writing with the workspace being reminiscent of an empty notebook just waiting for you to write your ideas down! 

On the left side of the screen, we can keep track of our article’s pages, words, and characters; below the writing stats is where we can input a brief background of what we want to write about allowing ShortlyAI to comprehend what we’re aiming to create. 

Below our article brief, we then have the output length which we can use to control how much ShortlyAI writes at any time. 

Save and share buttons are located on the upper right side of our screen. 

Though the platform looks simple the lack of any other tools, menus or buttons can make it somewhat more difficult to know where or how to start… luckily, ShortlyAI provides a short tutorial making sure we understand how to use the platform’s commands. 

The steps are very simple to follow and you’ll eventually become used to them. 

Start Writing 

Let’s test out ShortlyAI by creating a simple blog intro. 

Step 1: Click on the Start writing button on your dashboard and select the option for writing a blog. 

Step 2: Write down a brief description of the topic of your blog and determine the output length. 

Step 3: Click on the write for me button and wait for what ShortlyAI will come up with. 

ShortlyAI may not give you a full article immediately since this AI is more of a collaborator for your content so you may find it more useful to put in a few sentences of your own to get the program started. 

As writers and bloggers, you don’t really want the AI to write 100% of your content especially when you consider this platform doesn’t have many options for tone.

Therefore being able to write side by side with the AI allows for streamlined and efficient production without losing your personal tone or writing style. 

To further demonstrate the quality of the content ShortlyAI can create, let’s try to create a blog post. 

From the very short description I wrote, ShortlyAI was able to come up with a coherent and good-quality intro that I would be happy to use. 

Compared to the other AI copywriting services available Shortly AI clearly produces better quality, more relevant, and coherent content in contrast to most of the other services that evidently struggle with long-form content particularly meshing together ideas. 

Transitions to various topics are much more seamless with ShortlyAI

Overall, ShortlyAI has an impressive ability to create content and with regards to long-form content it is certainly one of the better options (if not the best) 

If you’re a writer or blogger having ShortlyAI in your toolkit will significantly increase your productivity by helping to boost your creativity as you can constantly generate ideas and brainstorm with this AI. 

Writing alongside the AI is seamless, allowing you to keep your original writing style while also automating much of your work and the command-based system is a convenient way to maintain control; it may not be for everyone however it provides an enjoyable and unique simplicity to this program. 

With regards to the price, it may not offer the best value for money as you’re paying a higher-end price for a product that really can only successfully offer you long-form content though perhaps for those only wanting to create long-form content it could prove to be worth it. 

With the above said, the excellent quality of the output does justify the price of the plan somewhat but for marketing copies, considering the fact there are a lot more services offering more tools for a lower price perhaps the other options would be better for many. 


  • Offers a free trial
  • Simple, minimalist interface is conducive for focus 
  • Very easy to use with many shortcuts. 
  • Beats most AI softwares when it comes to generating long form content


Offers fewer features compared to other AI platforms

ShortlyAI vs Copysmith 

Copysmith comes with a built-in plagiarism tool that allows you to ensure your copies are unique and original, which gives it an edge over many of its competitors however ShortlyAI does guarantee that the content it generates is unique and that it passes all common plagiarism checkers. 

Copysmith makes use of a limited, credit-based system while ShortlyAI generously offers unlimited access to all of its tools. 

One significant difference is that Copysmith offers a much more varied range of tools to choose from whereas ShortlyAI’s predominant focus is on longer-form content such as stories, articles, and blog posts. 

Copysmith’s professional plan does allow the generation of long-form content however ShortlyAI still offers superior quality.
Comparing prices directly, considering the focus on long-form content, Copysmith’s $50 plan is much more affordable compared to ShortlyAI’s plan which stands at $65. Plus, The copysmith plan includes many more tools and services offering superior value for money. 

ShortlyAI vs CopyAI

CopyAI is another popular AI copywriting service with a varied range of tools and functions to choose from; with CopyAI you can even generate content for personal purposes such as birthday cards, greeting cards, and love letters. 

CopyAI and ShortlyAI are equally capable of producing good quality content but with ShortlyAI you’re limited to long-form content such as blogs, essays, and stories. 

If you need to generate social media ads, e-commerce product descriptions, headlines, brand missions etc then ShortlyAI will be of limited help to you in comparison, however, CopyAI is capable of all of these things as it is capable of producing high quality long and short-form content. 

In addition to this, CopyAI is more affordable standing at just $35 rather than ShortlyAI’s  $65 a month making CopyAI a better choice for some businesses. 

Writesonic vs ShortlyAI 

Writesonic offers a larger collection of tools compared to other services including pre-made templates to create content with. 

Other features include writing tools such as its content rephraser, grammar checker, and readability checker. 

It is clear when it comes to the types of content you can generate and the writing tools available, writesonic is superior. 

With ShortlyAI an expensive $65 plan will only give you access to creating long-form content, conversely, Writesonic’s $25 plan gives you access to both short and long-form content creation while you would be limited to 75 credits you’ll at least have the option of creating content that is more suited to your business needs. 

ShortlyAI vs Conversion AI

Conversion AI is supported by a true AI copywriting assistant called Jarvis with a vast array of templates available from SEO meta tags to YouTube video outlines, amazon product descriptions and blog post intros. 

Conversion.AI can also help you improve your content by expanding your sentences or rewriting paragraphs. 

Conversion.AI shares tools and services with ShortlyAI such as the ability to shorten, lengthen or rephrase long forms of content such as essays and blogs.
The difference is that Conversion.AI also has the ability to work with short forms of content while ShortlyAI doesn’t. 

Both are considered to be higher-priced tools with ShortlyAI and Converison.AI priced at $65 and $109 respectively, 

Conversion.AI is significantly more expensive compared to ShortlyAI however you can do much more comparatively which does somewhat justify the price increase. 

Conversion.AI does offer cheaper plans such as the $29 Starter plan but you will be limited to generating only 20,000 words per month.

ShortlyAI vs ContentBot

ContentBot offers 25+ high-quality AI tools for your use, while ShortlyAI also offers an array of tools they are fairly different programs since ContentBot excels at creating short-form content versus ShortlyAI’s only real ability to create long-form content.
While objectively ShortlyAI’s long-form content is superior to ContentBots, the option to create short-form content with ShortlyAI is nonexistent.
These are two very good programs with two different functionalities and your business type will determine which is best for you, 

ContentBot does offer better value for money though with its subscription cost standing at $29 versus ShortlyAI’s $65. 

ShortlyAI vs Rytr 

Rytr has perhaps the simplest user interface on the market when compared to other popular AI copywriting platforms, 

it also features a much larger set of tones than the usual (with ShortlyAI offering no tone selection) however what really makes it stand alone is the fact it offers a totally free plan, though it is limited to 5,000 characters per month. 

Whether Rytr or ShortlyAI is the best for you will depend on the content you require assistance creating, ShortlyAI is superior at creating long-form however Rytr is one of the most efficient short form creators on the market today. 

Rytr’s subscription cost is far less than ShortlyAI’s. Coming in at just $29 per month vs Shortly AI’s $65 per month. 

ShortlyAI vs Closers Copy. 

Closers Copy is a popular AI writing tool that has a multitude of different brilliant features available to immeasurably improve your copywriting skills including templates to help you get started and many copywriting tools to improve your creativity, efficiency and general output. 

ShortlyAI and Closers Copy share many of the same features when it comes to long-form content creation; it’s comparable to writing on a piece with a partner you can turn to for assistance or lean on when you’re running out of ideas. 

Aside from the basics of creating content, though, Closers Copy includes a lot of extra features that will help grow your business and copy exponentially. 

These features include (but aren’t limited to) analysis of voice, emotion, keywords as well as power words lookup and an inbuilt thesaurus lookup tool. 

ShortlyAI’s plan is priced at $65 per month which is certainly very expensive when put next to Closers Copy’s $29.99 plan. However, It is worth noting that ShortlyAI does come with unlimited runs and trials whereas Closers Copy only comes with 50,000 characters per month limit which can run out quickly especially if your specialty is long-form content. 

An unlimited plan with Closers copy would be better suited for long-form content however it would cost you $79.99 which is undoubtedly more expensive yet when you consider the extra features that Closers Copy offers the expense looks far more reasonable than initial thoughts may suggest.  

ShortlyAI vs Anyword 

Anyword offers some of the best additional features for developing businesses; one of these features is the addition of a Predictive Engagement Score for every generated copy which allows you to predetermine how impactful your copy will be and also optimize the content for your audience.

In contrast to ShortlyAI, Anyword has the ability to work with both long and short forms of content; another difference between the two is that ShortlyAI offers unlimited access to its platform while Anyword’s Starter plans have specified word limits. 

For a 15,000 word limit, Anyword will charge you $19 and will go up continually as the word count increases.
For ShortlyAI however, the price is fixed at $65 for unlimited words…. though while the AI produces excellent quality work it is still expensive considering you’re limited to long forms of content. 

ShortlyAI vs Nichesss

Nichesss is a fairly new copywriting assistant, having only entered the market in 2021 yet it is already a powerful tool for both idea generation and content creation. 

One of Nichesss unique features is the provision of idea quizzes that can help you with business start up or development ideas. 

Comparing the two tools directly, Nichesss offers many more tools and services and is far more affordable at only $19 and both Nichesss and ShortlyAI offer generous unlimited plans however you can do much more with Nichesss than you can with ShortlyAI and it is only a 1/3rd of the price… it is a no brainer that Nichesss offers better value for money.

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