Rytr review, pricing and alternatives

Even the best writers and marketers struggle to find the right words from time to time, during those times, how great would it be to have an assistant? Hiring a full-time copywriter or partner can be an unbearable expense particularly if you’re new to business; this dilemma has fuelled a demand for AI copywriting platforms. 

Rytr is one of these platforms dedicated to helping you boost creativity and produce results in no time. 

What is Rytr? 

Rytr is an AI-powered writing tool that assists you in creating excellent quality content in just a few seconds; compared to some other AI copywriting tools, Rytr is relatively new but it reagularly adds updates to further improve the functions and services that it offers. 

Rytr serves as the smart writing assistant that you have always wanted but never had is able to save you money and time for other things that you need to do. 

Rytr is powered up by an AI yet is controlled by you and in just three simple steps you can come up with high quality content and marketing worthy copies, you need only choose your type of content, describe what you want to write about and you’re good to go! 


Rytr currently supports over 25 use cases and content types, the following are the types of content that you can use Rytr to generate. 

  • Blog article and idea outline
  • Blog article intro and content
  • Business pitch idea 
  • Email 
  • Facebook, Google, Linkedin Ads 
  • Interview questions 
  • Job descriptions 
  • Landing page and website copies 
  • Caption and post ideas 
  • Product description 
  • Profile Bio 
  • SEO meta description 
  • SEO meta title 
  • Tagline and headlines 
  • Testimonial and review 
  • Video descriptions. 

Rytr also offers text editing services such as append content, expand content, paragraph content,reword content and shorten content. 


What’s probably the most interesting thing about Rytr is that you are offered a free plan, with this free plan you can get access to all of Rytr’s tools and use cases in addition to its other services. 

The only limit is that each month you can only generate up to 5,000 credits. 

For Rytr a credit is equivalent to one character and a standard email can take about 500-1000 characters so with the free plan you would probably only get around 5 results however for other content types this can be a pretty good deal. 

5000 characters may prove sufficient for shorter content types such as SEO meta tags, social media posts and video descriptions. 

If you run out of credits you can subscribe to the copywriter’s premium plan at any time, the cost for this is just $29 per month and offers unlimited characters as well as a dedicated account manager, priority email and chat support, access to the exclusive premium community and the ability to write and generate content in 15 different languages. 

You can choose how your content sounds from the 20 different tones offered by Rytr which is more tones than any other comparable platform, as well as the basic professional and funny tones Rytr can generate content with more specialised tones like assertive and thoughtful or cautionary and worried allowing you to use Rytr to create multitudes of different content for different purposes and audiences, 

Copywriting will always call for a degree of flexibility so this is an extremely powerful feature. 

Another interesting feature that Rytr offers is that the web app is mobile compatible allowing you to start working when you’re on your phone which is perfect for fast and convenient creation of short content such as captions, descriptions and social media ads. 

Ease of use 

Rytr probably has the simplest user interface on the market right now, everything will be done in one window much like using a simple email app on your phone; the workspace is very clean and streamlined and even though you don’t really have the option to create folders or project files you can still see all of your previous copies conveniently. 

All tools are accessible with a single drop down menu and the only thing that will change are the set of information that Rytr asks you to input. 

I like the fact that you don’t need to do much scrolling or clicking of links to start working. 


Rytr offers a free plan with a limit of only 5000 characters per month, If you would like to purchase Rytr’s premium plan the cost is $29 per month or you could opt to purchase an annual subscription for $290. 

It is possible to get by with rytr’s free plan if you will use it mainly to generate short forms of content such as fast captions on social media, video descriptions and SEO meta tags. However, if you’d like unlimited freedom to create as much content as you want then the paid subscription is certainly worth consideration. 

Relatively, the price of Rytr’s premium plan is one of the more affordable plans on the market, considering that this is the best plan you can get from the platform and your $29 gets you unfettered access to everything Rytr has to offer. 

Though Rytr lacks some other tools that other AI services have it does a really great job with the tools that it does have. 

Aside from the convenience of being able to work  on your phone without losing any efficiency and the simplicity of Rytr’s interface the fact that you can edit your copies immediately after they’re generated (complete with text editing tools) is another plus for me, just for these reasons I think getting a Rytr subscription as good value for money. 

Review in detail 

To help you decide whether Rytr is the software for you, let’s go ahead and test it!

Signing up 

Rytr’s landing page is one of the shortest pages. 

Rytr doesn’t really bombard you with information and testimonials from happy customers, but it does the job of introducing you to the platform and what it can do. 

I really enjoyed Rytr’s aesthetic as it gives you a simple but powerful sense of organization. 

A simple scroll down the page allows you to read about Rytr, the tools it offers, a few testimonials from their customers, the price for a subscription and lastly a short video tutorial explaining how to use Rytr. 

Everything is very simple which is fitting as Rytr is indeed a simple programme but that doesn’t diminish what it has to offer. 

In addition, while Rytr’s landing page is short it doesn’t shy away from answering questions and it gives you lots of tips and guidance to help you get the best out of Rytr. 

When you click on the resources tab found at the top of the page you’ll be met with an extensive guide on different topics that will help you as you learn to use Rytr, you’ll find most of the essentials here and Rytr does an excellent job of explaining everything you need to know. 

The chat icon, found at the lower right of the screen is also available for your use if you have any concerns. 

Signing up to Rytr is as simple as the app itself you need only click on the Start Ryting button and the only thing you’ll need is your email! To further simplify the process you can also opt for google or facebook sign up. 


After sign up, your dashboard will immediately pop up and from there everything you need to get started will be accessible and placed for your convenience. 

On the left side of your main workspace there is an option for you to select your language, tone and use case. 

No need for you to browse through a long list of tools with descriptions and samples as Rytr is very straight-forward with regards to asking for input from you. Simply select what you need, write key points then click the Ryte for me button. 

Unlike many other AI services, Rytr doesn’t provide you with a number of options in one generation, beside the Ryte for me button you are given the option to select how many variants of the copies you would like Rytr to generate for you. 

Currently you can only select up to three variants for your copies and under the free plan each variant will cost you more credits as you will double or triple the characters used. 

On the other side of the screen you’ll see a list of your recently created documents, presented in a very clean and organized manner. 

To see more of the copies you have generated you only need to click on the History tab at the top of your dashboard. 

Selecting the account tab will lead you to where you’re able to track the credits you’re using, manage your profile and read about the steps on how to get some extra rewards from Rytr. 

Rytr keeps things interesting for those on free plans by giving out as many as 10,000 credits monthly just by following the simple steps outlined below. 

Start writing 

Lets test out Rytr by creating a simple email. 

Step 1: Select create a new document and start by choosing your language, tone and the type of content you want to create, for this trial I’m going to select email for our use case and thoughtful for our tone. 

Step 2: Provide some key points and keywords to give Rytr an idea of what you want for your copy, let’s say that we just want to write an email reminding our subscribers of an upcoming sale of our products. 

Step 3: Choose how many variants you would like to see and click Ryte for me

Here’s what Rytr was able to come up with from my basic input. 

Personally I think Rytr did well generating a simple email that we can send out to our subscribers. 

The thoughtful tone is evident in the email which is a sign that Rytr works to incorporate your chosen tone into the content it generates for you however I will also say that the email sounds somewhat generic to me so it would be wise to really consider the words you input before allowing Rytr to take over. I don’t think it generates the best content but for a free plan it gives you a lot of ideas that are good enough to get you started. 

One of the good things about Rytr is that it provides you with editing tools to use as soon as your content is generated which means that you’re good to go after editing it a little and adding a personal touch here and there. 

All in all Rytr is a good assistant particularly when you need to produce content with limited time and the web app is perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are always on the go and appreciate the option to work from a phone. 


  • Offers a free plan
  • Clean, Simple and straight-forward user interface. 
  • More freedom and availability of tones offered. 
  • Easy to edit content right away 


  • Generated content may require more extensive editing
  • Fewer features offered compared to other AI tools on the market. 

Rytr alternatives and competitors 

Rytr vs Copysmith 

One of Copysmith’s popular features is its inbuilt plagiarism checker to ensure your content is unique and original, this gives it an edge that its competitors lack. 

Much like Rytr Copysmith has a simple user interface however with Rytr its more of a single page. 

Both platforms also have limited tools compared to other software but between the two, you are much more limited with Rytr as it focuses mainly on shorter forms of content. 

Copysmith’s starter plan only includes access to shorter forms of content, purchasing the professional plan gives you access to longer form however this will cost you $50 which is quite expensive for the limited types of copies it can generate. 

Although Rytr offers a free plan 5,000 words will probably not be enough for a month for most copywriters and business owners, considering only the short forms of content, Copysmith’s $16 starter plan offers better value for money compared to Rytr’s $29 premium plan plus Copysmith comes with more tools.

Rytr Vs CopyAI 

CopyAI is another AI copywriting service with a large collection of tools to choose from, with CopyAI you can even generate content for personal purposes such as love letters, birthday cards, greeting cards and more. 

When it comes to ease of use, both CopyAI and Rytr are simple and easy to understand. It’s just that with Rytr it’s more of a one-window interface whereas with CopyAI you can click more buttons and link to additional windows. 

CopyAI’s solo plan costs $35 while Rytr’s plan costs $29, considering that you can do so much more with CopyAI and that it is one of the platforms capable of producing the best quality of copies, subscribing with CopyAI may offer superior value for money even though it is slightly more expensive than Rytr’s plan. 

While Rytr offers a free plan, 5,000 is unlikely to be sufficient for most business owners. 

Rytr vs Writesonic 

Writesonic offers a larger selection of tools and templates compared to other services. 

Its other features include other writing essentials such as Content rephraser, Grammar checker and readability checker. 

Much like Rytr, writesonic is also simple to use but comparing it to Rytr, Rytr definitely takes top spot in terms of simplicity for beginners. 

Writesonic can give the initial impression of being more cluttered and difficult to use but it does offer some of the highest quality content available on the market right now. 

Writesonic also offers many more tools and services whereas with Rytr you are limited to only a few types of short form content. 

Although Rytr offers a free plan, 5,000 characters per month will probably not suffice for most businesses. 

You would have to subscribe to the $29 plan to generate unlimited characters. 

Writesonic offers a $25 plan however this only covers 75 credits per month, while this is only limited access 75 credits may be sufficient for the month and the platform does offer more tools for your use than Rytr does. 

Rytr vs ConversionAI 

ConversionAI makes use of a true AI copywriting assistant called Jarvis with a vast array of templates from SEO meta tags to youtube video outlines, blog post intros and amazon product descriptions; aside from basic content creation Conversion.AI can also help you improve your content by expanding your sentences or rewriting paragraphs at your convenience. 

Comparing the two web apps, Conversion.AI offers more tools and services. 

Aside from only having a few types of copies to choose from Rytr focuses more on shorter forms of content, whereas Conversion.AI does a great job with its long-form blog posts. 

Conversion.AI offers a $29 with a limit of 20,000 words per month while for the same price Rytr offers unlimited credits, 

purchasing a plan with unlimited credits from Conversion.AI costs $109 which is around 4x the cost of Rytr’s premium plan. 

Rytr Vs ContentBot 

ContentBot offers you the use of 25 highly tuned AI tools; both Contentbot and Rytr offer plans with unlimited access to their respective tools and services at the price of $29, comparing the two Rytr is much simpler to use as it makes use of the single window interface and you can edit your content as its generated, 

Also Rytr looks much more organised and put together, which is a plus as cluttered platforms make it more difficult to work. 

With Contentbot there’s no option to edit your copies right away but it does offer a much larger selection of tools and copies than Rytr does. 

Rytr Vs ShortlyAI 

Though it is powered by the same language model as other popular AI copywriting software, ShortlyAI offers fewer features and capabilities as it focuses predominantly on writing, shortening, lengthening or rephrasing longer forms for content such as blogs, essays, reviews and stories. 

Whether Rytr or ShortlyAI is the best for you will depend on the type of content you require assistance generating. 

Rytr is focused on creating shorter forms of content while ShortlyAI focuses on creating longer forms. 

ShortlyAI is more expensive than Rytr with current subscription cost being $39.99 (with a discount offered for annual subscribers). 

Rytr Vs Closers Copy 

Closers Copy is an AI copywriting software that is filled to the brim with features that can help you improve your copywriting skills including templates to help you get started. 

Both platforms are incredibly easy to use however with Closers Copy you can do much more; on top of the basic AI copywriting services Closers Copy enables you to grow your business and copies further with various additional features, on the other hand you can only do a few forms of short form content with Rytr. 

Rytr’s pro plan costs only $29, for around the same price we get a 50,000 character limit with Closers Copy which somewhat displays Rytr’s superiority in terms of value for money, in contrast, Closers Copy does offer a lot more in terms of extra features that are beneficial for all sorts of marketing or business-related activities, on top of the basic AI copywriting software it provides therefore it might just be worth paying for the $79.99 plan with Closers Copy. 

Rytr Vs Anyword

Aside from basic content creation, Anyword offers some of the best extra features for developing businesses. 

One of these features is the inclusion of a Predictive Engagement Score for every generated copy allowing you to pre-determine the impact of your copy and optimize the content for your target market. 

Both Rytr and Anyword focus on generating shorter forms of content such as social media ads and product descriptions; it is possible to create longer form content with Anyword however in this case it is advisable to purchase one of their larger plans if this is required. 

Rytr offers a more limited set of tools however this is part of the reason that the use of Rytr is much simpler and easier. 

Anyword offers more features though admittedly this doesn’t necessarily mean that the platform is cluttered and difficult to understand, it’s just that you will have to take a little more time and patience to explore and understand the platform totally. 

Anyword’s starter plan is a lot cheaper at $19 however you will be subject to a 15,000 word limit but it should be noted that 15,000 words allows you to generate a decent selection of content however if you require more, you can purchase a plan with a 35,000 word limit for $39 which is $10 more than the cost of Rytr (Which provides an unlimited amount of words). 

Rytr Vs Nichesss

Nichess is a relatively new AI copywriting tool but it can already perform heavy-duty content creation and idea generation, one of the most unique features of Nichesss are the comprehensive quizzes it offers you, you can take these quizzes to generate more ideas for starting or growing your new business. 

Rytr’s platform is a lot more sleek and professional than Nichess platform which even makes use of fun graphics like stickers and emojis. 

Rytr offers fewer tools and services compared to Nichesss; with Nichesss you can create all sorts of copies however with Rytr you can only produce short form content. 

Both Rytr and Nichesss are generous when it comes to their paid subscriptions as they impose no limit on the number of copies you can create and the tools you can use to do so. 

Rytr and Nichess are priced at $29 and $19 respectively making Nichesss the more cost effective of the two.

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