Rytr Alternatives

Creating high-quality content almost instantly, Rytr saves you time and money for other things that you need to do. 

It’s very easy to use – simply choose the type of content you want to draft, write a brief description about it and Rytr will take care of it for you! 

However, Rytr isn’t the only AI copywriting tool on the market; there are several other alternatives that have been created to assist writers and content creators in multiple ways… let’s take a look at them. 

Best Rytr Alternatives 


Conversion.AI has been talk of the town lately with its multitude of pre-made templates that allow you to quickly and easily create the specific content you require for example SEO tags, YouTube video outlines, and blog post templates are available.

You can also find Amazon product descriptions and other compelling text templates to suit your needs. 

This AI is very powerful and works side by side with your specified requirements which you input into the sidebar; the number of requirements does make it a little slower to set up compared to Rytr but once it’s configured the plethora of options will ensure you never consider settling for less! 

Comparing the two web apps side by side, Conversion.AI offers more tools and features; aside from only having a few forms of copies to choose from, Rytr’s primary focus is shorter form content whereas Conversion.AI does an impressive job when it comes to long-form content creation. 

Conversion.AI offers a $29 starting plan though this is limited to 20,000 words per month in contrast to Rytr offering unlimited credits for the same price. 

In order to have unlimited credits with Conversion.AI you will need to pay around 4x more – $109 per month. 

Closers Copy 

Closers Copy is a one-stop solution encompassing everything you need to copy-write effectively featuring tools that will help you write the best marketing copy including templates to get started and all of the tools that professionals use, making Closers Copy great for all of your text needs. 

Closers Copy is made with precision to help you grow your business using a combination of excellent human knowledge and artificial intelligence, 

This software allows you to select from a large library of templates so you can choose the one that best suits your goals.
All you have to do is write the ad, email campaign, or sales letter and fill in the blanks on the template you selected. 

When you’re done you are presented with an analysis tool that provides feedback on the overall tone and emotion of your piece to ensure it stirs up the right feelings in your target audience, it can even tell you whether or not your writing will end up in your customers’ spam box. 

Both platforms are simple to use however Closers Copy is superior in terms of the number of tools offered.
Apart from the basic AI copywriting services Closers Copy also offers an array of extra features that will assist you in improving your marketing copy and therefore your business. 

Closers Copy’s subscription options start at $29.99 for a limited 50,000 character per month plan in contrast to Rytr’s unlimited plan for $29. 


CopyAI is a great choice for online advertising offering tools geared towards social media marketing.
It is primarily designed to serve businesses and entrepreneurs but it can also be used for personal projects such as love letters, birthday cards, and greeting cards. 

With CopyAI you need only type a few words about your business or product in order to generate a copy fit for your audience, allowing you to streamline content creation and boosting your overall creativity and productivity; as CopyAI says it’s ”like having a legion of copywriters spoon-feeding your ideas and crafting copy that converts”

Rytr and CopyAI have many similarities particularly with regards to the convenience of using their interface though Rytr primarily relies upon one window versus CopyAIs interface which is more heavily reliant on clicking links and multiple windows. 

CopyAI’s solo plan costs $35 in contrast to Rytr’s $29 plan; it may be worth the slight price increase due to the increased tools available with CopyAI 


Using an extensively trained advanced AI ShortlyAI can provide you with high-quality paragraphs and long-form content such as blogs, essays, reviews, and stories. 

The AI can save you hours of time and a lot of effort by automatizing the writing process. 

ShortlyAI can extrapolate from a short description that you write for it in order to craft well-written content for you with the click of a button.  

You can even ask the AI to lengthen or shorten your paragraphs, rephrase sentences, continue writing for you or even write the introduction for you. 

It’s virtually like having someone collaborate on a writing project with you. 

You don’t even have to worry about plagiarism with ShortlyAI because all content is unique, original, and passes the usual checks. 

Whether Rytr or ShortlyAI is best for you will depend on the type of content you need assistance creating; for shorter content, Rytr is likely the best option whereas ShortlyAI offers perhaps the best long-form writing assistance on the market today.

They are also at drastically different price points with Rytr costing just $29 to ShortlyAI’s much higher monthly cost at $79.


Anyword’s AI is trained extensively on $250M worth of ad spend using data from market-leading brands, allowing it to develop unique and effective marketing language. 

Anyword will enable you to create a marketing-worthy copy in just a few seconds by making use of multiple language models that are capable of text analysis and understanding its intent and target audience. 

Aside from content creation, Anyword also offers services for Publishers and Developers. 

Publishers can make the most of their readership by subscribing to Anyword; this guarantees a fair and healthy user base for your site without compromising reader satisfaction or traffic quality. 

For developers, Anyword can assist you in becoming a better marketer by making your product more accessible and helping you deliver value for money and an addictive product. 

When it comes to pricing, Anyword’s starter plan is cheaper at $19 however this only comprises a limited plan offering you 15,000 words/month.
For $29, you already receive unlimited words from Rytr. 


With Copysmith you’ll ”never have to stare at a blank page again” 

Copysmith is a comprehensive content creator that can assist you with whatever you need whether that is blog posts, marketing ads, descriptions for video content, or even a resume, you can trust Copysmith’s AI writer to come up with unique and quality content in no time. 

Copysmith has more than 30 types of customizable templates (from flyers to pastries!). 

Also available is a full translation for over 100 different languages; even if you have no experience in marketing or copywriting Copysmith can support you in creating an effective copy. 

Copysmith has a simple-to-use interface however Rytr’s is simpler comprising of only one window/page which allows for a more efficient creation process. 

Copysmith’s starter plan is very affordable at only $19 however this is limited and only includes short-form content.

In order to create long-form content with Copysmith you’ll need to purchase the professional plan but this is almost double the cost of Rytr’s plan standing at $50 (vs Rytr’s $29 plan). 


Writesonic is an AI programme that is designed to help you create better marketing copy, the AI was trained extensively on high-performing copy from leading brands. 

Among the types of content, you can create with Writesonic are descriptions, blogs, and even advertisements geared towards multiple different social media platforms (and more!). 

Writesonic additionally provides multiple tools to help you generate ideas for your brand as well as growth tips for your startup business. 

With Writesonic you only need to follow 4 simple steps in order to generate great copy. It cannot get any simpler than this! 

  1. Choose a template.
  2. Describe your product. 
  3. Generate results. 
  4. Launch your final copy! 

That’s really all that’s needed to convert your target audience into loyal, happy customers! 

Just like Rytr, Writesonic is also very simple to use however Rytr is clearly the easier platform to use with its single-page interface. 

Rytr and Writesonic have similarly priced plans at first glance however Writesonic’s $29 plan is limited to only 75 credits per month in contrast to Rytr’s already unlimited plan. 

In order to access unlimited credits, you’ll need to pay $99 per month for the Professional plan however it is worth mentioning that at the time of writing Writesonic is currently running a 55% off sale. 

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