Nichesss review, pricing & alternatives

With an abundance of AI copywriting assistants on the market today it can be difficult to make the right choice; in this review, we’re going to discuss Nichess. 

Entering the market in 2021 Nichess is one of the newest AI copywriting services. 

So, how does Nichesss compare to the other options? Let’s find out. 

What is Nichesss? 

Nichesss is a program that uses artificial intelligence to assist you in creating quality marketing content almost instantly. 

Nichesss can create high-converting email subject lines, blog posts, Facebook and Google ads, social media posts, and even image-based social posts. 

It can even give you fresh new ideas and suggest YouTube videos for you to make next. 

Nichesss can assist you in everything which makes it feel like you’ve stumbled upon a cheat code! 

Who is Nichesss for? 

Like other AI copywriting tools available, Nichesss is primarily designed to assist entrepreneurs and digital marketers in their endeavor to create excellent high converting marketing content. 


Although Nichesss is a new platform and is still in development, it can already perform powerful content creation and generate creative new ideas. Furthermore, Nichesss already offers some features that other popular AI copywriting services don’t which is incredibly promising. 

Just some of the things you can do with Nichesss are below. 

  • Generate unique blog posts, social media posts, ad copy and more.
  • Write blog posts and blog outlines in seconds. 
  • Write emails. 
  • Get YouTube video ideas for your business. 
  • Generate sales copy in seconds using proven high converting formulas. 
  • Translate into hundreds of languages. 
  • Take a 10-second quiz and get new business ideas. 
  • Find profitable and hot niches. 


Custom Content

  With the help of  Nichesss you can create quality content in the blink of an eye with the help of its growing collection of powerful tools. Simply choose the task you need help with and Nichesss will take care of it!
Currently, the tasks Nichesss can assist with include creating marketing plans, generating short posts, ads, blogs, email content, and image posts. 

Nichesss also offers career, sales, code, SEO, books, questions, poetry, courses, real estate, and dialogue tools to select from.

These specific tools are innovative and unique which makes this program very promising. 

AI assisted docs 

Nichesss can assist you in writing longer forms of content such as blog posts, articles, and written tutorials.

Business idea quizzes

This is one of the more unique and interesting features Nichesss offers, if you’re new to the business world and looking to get ideas on what kind of business to start, you can take one of the quizzes Nichesss offers and it will automatically generate relevant business ideas for you based on your answers. 

Search and report 

With this feature, you can look through your old copies and projects or even browse Reddit for new ideas. 

Ease of use 

Nichesss is surprisingly simple to use once you experiment with the platform for yourself; It’s possible some people wouldn’t necessarily appreciate Nichesss right away because unlike other AI copywriting platforms Nichesss has a more relaxed and fun interface including the use of clipart, emojis, and other images for its links and buttons. 

This makes it seem like using Nichesss may be confusing with a seemingly cluttered user interface however it can prove fun and interesting once you acclimate yourself to it. 

The process of creating copies is fairly standard as you need only select which tool you need, input some information, click a button and wait for your copies to be generated. 


Nichesss offers a free trial of their platform so you can experience using the platform without committing to any paid subscriptions however this is limited to short-form content and you only have 4 trial reports, reports being the resulting copy or content generated by Nichesss. 

Once you have used your allotted allowance you will need to subscribe to the Pro Plan to continue brainstorming and creating content with Nichesss. 

Nichesss’ subscription options are as simple as the platform itself with only one paid option available – the pro plan at $19 per month which makes Nichesss one of the cheaper copywriting tools on the market right now. 

Nichesss makes use of credits much like comparable platforms, however, with the Pro plan you already receive unlimited access to everything that Nichesss has to offer with no hidden extras making this excellent value for money. 

Review in detail 

Signing up

Nichesss has a vibrant and informal look to its platform in contrast to the usual professional look typical of other AI copywriting services, which actually serves to make Nichesss stand apart from the rest. 

People may pre-judge Nichesss based on a preliminary glance however once you acclimate to Nichesss unusual design, the bright colors, font styles, and emojis are actually an endearing feature that can support the idea that creating dozens of copies can be fun and exciting. 

There isn’t much to see on Nichesss’ main page aside from a brief list of things you can accomplish on the platform, this is in contrast to the typical testimonials from loyal customers, demos, and other sections that allow you to fully appreciate the power of the program however this is likely due to the platform being new; the main page doesn’t really effectively showcase the power of Nichesss as a platform. Nichesss offers an array of powerful tools and useful services despite it being new on the market. 

To sign up and make use of the free trial, you need only click on the Start Writing Now button, enter your email address, and choose a password. 


After signing up, your dashboard will immediately appear and from there everything you need to begin generating content and brainstorming ideas with Nichesss brilliant quizzes feature will be conveniently located and accessible. 

Nichesss offers a large array of tools and services; in the center of the dashboard is where you’ll have the option to select what kind of tool you require. 

At the top of your dashboard is where you will find copy tracking to access previously generated copies, as well as your account and notifications access. 

On the left-hand side of the dashboard is a list of icons for easier access to the ideas and copies you have generated with Nichesss. 

Start writing 

Let’s test out a few of Nichesss features. 


To begin generating ad copies with Nichesss simply select ads and fill out the required information; One of the unique things about Nichesss is that you can generate several different types of Ad copies in one go. 

Usually we select one type of ad copy, specific to a certain social media platform and generate copy individually however with Nichesss you can select up to 5 ads which Nichesss collectively calls your plan, this makes a lot of sense and streamlines social media marketing as most businesses want to post captions across multiple platforms simultaneously.

 With Nichesss you’ll be able to come up with copies optimized for each social media platform while retaining a singular tone, style, or idea in just a simple button click, further speeding up the content creation process. 

Let’s suppose we have an online shopping business called ShopEasy and we wish to create Facebook, Google, and Short Posts ads, here’s what I’ve written on the form.

Once you’re done with the form you simply select generate and wait for the result. After a few seconds, a notification will appear on the lower right side of the dashboard letting you know that your plan is now available for viewing. 

It only takes a few seconds for your plan to be completed so don’t be concerned about the wait. 

You can find your content plans dashboard by clicking on the sparkle emoji, select View Plan to see the copies generated by Nichesss. 

Nichesss will produce 4 different variations of copies for each ad type, scroll through your results and take note of your preferences. 

Here’s what the AI was able to create for our trial business. 

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads 
  • Short Post Ads 

  If you are unable to find any favorites from the results generated you can always select the Add More option found below every set of ads to generate even more options. 

Additionally, Nichesss allows for easy editing of the generated copies. 

This can be done easily by clicking on the gear icon found in every generated result to begin editing the copy to your liking. 

You may also copy, translate and run a plagiarism check on your copies to ensure that your final ads are unique and genuine. 

Marketing plan 

To further display Nichesss capabilities, Let’s try and create a marketing plan for the same business. 

For a marketing plan, here’s the form you need to fill out. 

One thing I’ve noted is that Nichesss remembers the information you’ve entered previously when creating content plans so it automatically fills in the blanks which further streamlines the content creation process. 

For a marketing plan, you’ll be asked to choose what you want to include in your plan, 

among the things you can select from our email subjects, Facebook ads, FAQ-Answer generator, Landing page headlines, and blog post intros though there are still a lot more to choose from such as course titles, listicles, and book introductions. 

If you’re looking to start a new business, Nichesss is definitely an invaluable assistant that can help you turn that into a reality. 

Below item number 4, another set of questions may appear depending on the options you selected to add to your marketing plan. 

In our case, Nichesss will ask what FAQ you would like it to answer in addition to the blog title that you want it to write an intro for. 

Lastly, you can choose your preferred language and once you’re happy with your choices you simply click the generate button and wait for the result.

Here’s the marketing plan that Nichesss was able to create for our business 

  • Blog intro
  • Email subject (fun tone) 
  • FAQ- answer generator 
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Landing page headlines 


One of Nichesss most unique features is the quiz function which offers short, simple quizzes for you to take which allows the platform to generate an array of relevant ideas for you to choose from. For example, for a skillset quiz, you would need to answer a short form consisting of just two questions; what it is that you’re good at and what businesses interest you. 

Once you’re done you just click the generate button and wait for Nichesss to easily and automatically list possible business ventures for you, which will really help you out of any creative blockages. 

You may not find the exact answers you’re looking for but Nichesss might just give you a push in the right direction to finding your business’s path. 

Overall, Nichesss is a very promising AI copywriter that is able to generate excellent quality content when you lack the inspiration, time, or energy to do so. 

Nichesss will assess every copy it produces and assign it a predictive engagement score with some demographic data that will allow you to better optimize your marketing copies and business posts. 

Nichesss also features several unique features including the brainstorming quizzes that provide a nice touch, particularly for new business owners and entrepreneurs. Unlike others, Nichesss has a more informal yet fun take on Copywriting software making it an interesting unique experience. 

I found that Nichesss does a great job when it comes to generating short-form content however some sound more generic than others, this could potentially be remedied by a more in-depth description of your business or product. 

With overall good quality copies, a large selection of powerful tools, an easy-to-understand interface, and unique services offered alongside an affordable price, Nichesss clearly offers the best value for money. 


  • Offers a free trial (consisting of 4 credits)
  • Offers unique tools and services. 
  • Allows generation of different copy types simultaneously
  • Easy to edit content immediately  


  • Focuses mainly on shorter form content

Nichesss Alternatives & Competitors 

Nichesss Vs. Copysmith 

One of the main talking points of Copysmith is a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure that your copies are unique and original, usually giving it an edge over its competitors. 

Unlike many other programs Nichesss also has a plagiarism checker. 

The difference between the two is that with Copysmith you only get limited checks per month, in contrast, with Nichesss you can check every copy you generate. 

Although Nichesss is very new on the market it doesn’t fall far short of what Copysmith can do; both platforms are easy to use however Nichesss stands out somewhat with its informal and fun interface which could be considered either a positive or negative depending on your perspective. 

The younger and more ”fun” look may appeal more to the younger generations which compromises the majority of the digital market. 

However, some people might not like the interface preferring instead the typical simple, professional look. 

When it comes to quality both platforms perform quite well. 

Comparing their prices, both Copysmith and Nichesss offer some of the most affordable plans on the market. 

Both platforms also make use of credits however with Nichesss you receive unlimited credits and access to all tools offered by the platform for just $19, Copysmith is comparatively worse value offering only limited access with its $16 plan. 

Nichesss vs. CopyAI 

CopyAI is another AI copywriting service with a wealth of tools to choose from. 

With CopyAI you can even generate content for personal purposes such as birthday cards, love letters, and greeting cards. 

Although Nichesss has a lot to offer, CopyAI arguably offers even more. 

While Nichesss stands out with its fun interface and may appeal to younger customers, CopyAI offers a more traditional, professional interface.
As for quality, CopyAI remains one of the best but Nichesss also does fairly well. 

The most pronounced difference between the two is perhaps their prices. CopyAI is priced at almost twice that of Nichesss standing at $35 per month versus Nichesss $19 per month;
Nichesss’ superior value for money could persuade many and I include myself in that bracket. 

Nichesss vs. Writesonic

Writesonic offers a larger collection of tools and templates compared to other services; its features include other writing essentials such as a Content Rephraser, Grammar checker and readability checker.

Writesonic uses superior writing tools to deliver more genuine and unique content as compared to Nichesss however Nichesss is still able to provide copies of suitable quality. 

When it comes to pricing Nichesss is again the more affordable choice, standing at $19 for unlimited access as opposed to Writesonics starter plan which stands at $25 and is much more limited, comprising of only 75 credits which makes Nichesss much better value for money again. 

Nichesss vs. ConversionAI 

ConversionAI uses a true AI copywriting assistant called Jarvis, supported by a vast array of templates from SEO meta tags to YouTube video outlines, blog post introductions, and Amazon product descriptions. 

Aside from basic content creation, Conversion.AI can also help you improve the quality of your content by expanding sentences or rewriting paragraphs. 

Nichesss and Conversion.AI share a lot of similar features however when it comes to the quality of the content they can both generate Conversion.AI are just ahead of Nichesss. 

When we consider ease of use and user interface Conversion.AI wins again as it is simple yet professional whereas Nichesss is more informal – though this may be enjoyed by some. 

Another difference between these two platforms is the price for unlimited access, for an unlimited plan with Conversion.AI you will need to pay $109 which is around 5x that of Nichesss comparable plan standing at $19.
With that being said Conversion.AI does offer a starter plan for $29 but this limits you to 20,000 words per month. Again, Nichesss wins in terms of value for money. 

Nichess vs. ContentBot

ContentBot grants you access to 25 powerful tools at your convenience; in terms of available tools and quality of copies produced Nichesss and ContentBot aren’t worlds apart. 

One thing that differs between the two is that when using ContentBot you’re not able to edit your copyright away conversely, with Nichesss you can start editing your copy there and then with just a simple button click. 

Both platforms are very generous when it comes to their plans as both ContentBot and Nichesss offer their customers totally unlimited access to their tools. 

ContentBot is a bit more expensive standing at $29 as compared to Nichesss $19 plan. 

Nichesss vs. Rytr 

Rytr has one of the simplest user interfaces on the market right now, 

it features a large array of tones to choose from and even has a free plan that allows you to use up to 5,000 characters per month without needing to pay anything. 

Rytr’s interface is very professional and sleek looking in comparison to Nichesss more informal and fun interface. Rytr offers fewer tools and services when compared to Nichesss. 

With Nichesss you can create all kinds of content in contrast to Rytr which only really allows you to create short-form content. 

Both Rytr and Nichesss are fairly generous when it comes to their paid plans as they have no limits to the number of copies you can create and the tools at your disposal. 

Rytr and Nichesss are priced at $29 and $19 respectively making Nichesss the better value option between these two. 

Nichesss vs. Closers Copy 

Closers Copy is an AI copywriting software that is jam-packed with features to help you improve your copywriting as well as templates to assist you in getting started and all of the copywriting tools you could ever need. 

In terms of what you can do with the platform, Closers Copy wins hands down as it includes many extra features that will help grow your business and enhance your copies further such as Power Words Lookup, Thesaurus lookup and it can even analyze your copies emotions, sentences, and keywords. 

However, Nichesss still offers a wide variety of tools to use including unique features which makes it a worthwhile option, too. 

When it comes to the quality of the copies Closers Copy is ahead again but Nichesss is also fairly decent as well. 

For these two platforms pricing may prove to be the deciding factor as for just $19 you get unlimited access to all Nichesss can offer. 

The cheapest option for Closers Copy doesn’t even come close to Nichesss offering only 50,000 characters/month for $29.99 and costing a much less affordable $79.99 for unlimited characters. 

Considering the value the program can add to your work and the superior value for money, Nichesss may be the best choice for your business. 

Nichesss vs. ShortlyAI 

Though it’s powered by the same language model as other market-leading copywriting services ShortlyAI offers fewer features and capabilities as it focuses mainly on writing or shortening/lengthening/rephrasing longer forms of content such as blogs, reviews, stories, and essays. 

Comparing these two platforms directly, Nichesss offers many more tools and services and is much more affordable at only $19 compared to ShortlyAI’s $39.99 however it should be noted that both companies generously offer unlimited platform access once you purchase a plan. 

With that being said, Nichesss is clearly the superior choice here. 

Nichesss vs Anyword 

In addition to basic content creation, Anyword offers some of the best features on the market right now, 

One of these features is the inclusion of a Predictive Engagement Score for every generated copy allowing you to pre-determine the impact of your copy and optimize the content based on your target audience. 

Both Anyword and Nichesss offer a multitude of unique features that can assist you in boosting productivity and efficiency for your business by increasing the quality of your marketing copy. 

The big difference between these otherwise similar programs is perhaps their price points. 

For the same price that Nichesss offers unlimited access at ($19) Anyword offers only 15,000 words per month. 

Since the two platforms have different useful features you may want to consider which platform is best geared towards your needs.  

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