Jarvis Appsumo Deal

A Jarvis Appsumo deal is the dream. Formerly known as Conversion.AI, Jarvis AI is the leading AI copywriting software, but that comes at a hefty premium of more than $100 if you want the full-featured boss mode.

That’s not the end of the world though given the incredible speed and output quality of Jarvis.

You make your money back very quickly with the generated introductions and conclusions alone. That’s before you get into the rewriter tool that can smash out longform articles in no time – which also gets around GPT-3’s limitations of fact-checking as you can repurpose paragraphs of text with built in facts and statistics.

But is there a way to get a Jarvis discount?

Appsumo is a great way to pick up lifetime deals on early stage software products and so it’s always worth checking regularly to see what tools are available.

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If a Jarvis Appsumo deal is not available, I highly recommend you try Closers Copy because it is a powerful Jarvis alternative that offers a lifetime deal with unlimited access.

In testing it’s pretty clear that Jarvis has the upper hand. And that’s hardly surprising given the amount of backing Jarvis has having raised $6 million in 2021. Closers Copy is much more independent – the work of copywriter Nico Engler. But the ethos of Closers Copy matches that. Lifetime deals can be a touchy subject given they are usually used to raise seed money for growth. As such those growing companies often get acquired and the new owners do not always honour historic lifetime deals. Similarly a lot of Appsumo deals fail to extend the deal to new updates and features and so lifetime deal holders may have to pay for extra features.

Closers Copy is not like that. Nico stays in close contact with his users and has said he has no plans to sell and all future updates will be given to lifetime deal holders.

But the price of the Closers Copy lifetime deal goes up every month, and may not even be available for much longer. So grab it now while you can.

Jarvis is a fantastic tool. But it is very expensive. Even if you do decide to pay for Jarvis monthly, you should still buy the Closers Copy lifetime deal as a backup. You never know what’s going to happen. Jarvis could put prices up while Closers Copy continues to expand and improve.

In terms of output quality, Jarvis definitely leads. But that probably won’t be the case for long. If you’re looking for a Jarvis AI Appsumo deal, keep checking Appsumo, buy Closers Copy as an insurance policy and see if the speed and power of Jarvis makes its cost worthwhile.

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