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This Closerscopy lifetime deal is easily one of the best offers in the AI copywriting market today. While competitors such as Rytr, Contentbot and Copysmith have had launches of the popular lifetime deal marketplace Appsumo, Closerscopy has been much more hidden.

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Budget Choice

This powerful copywriting software matches Jarvis in terms of functionality. But while Jarvis costs more than $100 a month, Closers Copy can be used with no limitations forever thanks to its great lifetime deal.

What’s more is the Closerscopy lifetime deal includes a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.

Except that is – the price of the Closerscopy lifetime deal goes up regularly. Sometimes as often as every month. So the longer you wait, the less value you get.

Meanwhile Closers Copy keeps on coming out with incredible new features and is now capable of churning out longform blog posts.

The founder Nico Engler has said repeatedly in AI copywriting facebook groups that he intends to honour every lifetime deal as it stands – no upsells.

While most copywriting lifetime deals come with limitations like a set number of credits – the closerscopy lifetime deal holds nothing back. The unlimited plan is truly unlimited.

The closerscopy lifetime deal is a no-brainer. In years time it is clear that GPT-3 powered AI copywriting assistants are going to be the norm – and expensive monthly fees are likely to be part of that. Get in now and secure your access to enjoy free and unlimited AI for your future copywriting ventures.

Content Research using Compete

This is a new feature added recently. It can be used if you prefer doing topic research within the Closers Copy.

Let’s say we want to do some research on “dog food”. We’ll just type it into the compete tool and hit enter and we got the result within some minutes.

We have links to different relevant articles with the most recent on top positions so we can use them as sample content about this specific topic.

We can go through these pages, choose ones that are suitable for our article then copy them through Closers Copy directly to the document. You can analyze the competitors easily because it shows all the details such as the number of words, paragraphs, sentences and keyword density. You can also refine your search by selecting a language filter.

It doesn’t end here we have four different options “Overview, Insights, Questions and Stats”. If you are writing anything that requires stats like the number of app downloads, population, etc then the stats feature is effective.

I hope they will add the “Average number of words required to rank” for a particular term within compete in the near future.

Create an AI Draft with Compose

Compose is under beta mode and lets you create a draft using AI to generate outlines, headings and perform research for a keyword.

Now let’s test it out whether it’s useful or not? I put the keyword pest control companies in the search and hit the compose button.

Here you can see it’s showing us a list of h1s If I click expand there are subheadings in it as well. So you get the idea of how it works but there’s one drawback here I can’t add my own custom heading in the outline. There should be an option to add a custom outline so that it can be included as well with AI suggestions.

After clicking on compose it has generated 700 words of content and it took a bit of time as well nearly around 5 minutes. I don’t find this feature valuable or useful at all because there are a lot of improvements required. Instead of using compose, you should do all the necessary research related to your topic and then start playing with Closerscopy.

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