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All business owners should be aware of the importance of copywriting for your success; good-quality copywriting reflects the values of your company and appeals to your target market, encouraging them to engage with you and eventually make a purchase. Finding the best copywriting software could be a gamechanger.

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Many business owners settle for hiring a professional copywriter for this reason however the services of a professional copywriter can cost you anywhere from $25 to $2000 depending on the number of words required and the additional tasks you expect them to fulfil including keyword optimization, SEO optimization, research and graphics.

But why spend so much money on something you can do for yourself? You don’t even need to be a great writer as with the assistance of copywriting software tools you can easily and automatically complete your own content writing for your website and social media channels!

When it comes to choosing AI copywriting tools you should ensure that you are not swayed by products that make unrealistic promises regarding their AI technologies ability to automate all writing for you.

It should be noted that content produced purely by AI programmes often sounds fake, robotic or lacks a natural flow therefore the content cannot produce an emotional response.

For example, ArticleForge is a popular copywriting tool which is primarily used for churning out a large number of blog posts however it is evident that the quality suffers and so it is clearly not the best copywriting software.

Comparatively, Jarvis is a helpful assistant that can write intuitively, picking up on what you are writing and making suggestions and expansions for you.

The truth is, copywriting cannot be a totally hands-free experience; to be effective you have to know your own goals and writing style in addition to this it is critical that you work in tandem with the cutting edge copywriting software tools available to us today.

The better copywriting software tools are ones that do not fully automate the process but instead act as a guide or assistant for you, this will allow you to learn and improve continuously.

So, what are the best copywriting tools available for content marketers right now? Let’s discuss the options below.

Best Copywriting Software


ConversionAI has created a lot of buzz in the digital marketing community lately and its easy to see why; it is a true AI copywriting assistant, known as Jarvis, with a huge array of templates for your use from SEO meta tags to Youtube video outlines, blog post intros and E-commerce product descriptions.

The AI is very effective and works in accordance with your requirements which you place in a side-bar in order to support and dictate the content creation process.

The large number of requirements does make it a little slower to set up compared to alternatives like Closers Copy and Rytr however you do get a large number of variations to choose from.

The default setting is three but you are able to request a much larger batch if required; that means when the AI does fall short of expected standards you have plenty of alternatives to choose from.

One of conversion.AI’s best features is its long-form blog post templates; these are very unique in AI copywriters which can normally only manage to provide basic assistance with select snippets.

ConversionAI also directly and smoothly integrates with Surfer SEO so you can import surfer’s keyword recommendations; this helps you not only create the perfect sales copy but you also support that with market-leading on-page SEO, leading to a higher conversion rate and more traffic to your content.

The only downside of ConversionAI is the price; if your business spans e-commerce, Youtube, SEO and email then you will find it to be excellent value for money however for other smaller, newer businesses you may find you only need a small amount of its functionality.

Fortunately, ConversionAI accounts for this by offering a cheaper plan with a smaller number of templates for simpler headlines and descriptions.


The basic conversionAI plan is just $29 per month.

The premium plan is $199 per month.

  • User friendly and intuitive programme
  • Surfer SEO integration
  • low cost basic plan suitable for small businesses
  • High end price for the premium plan.
  • While easily fixable there is a possibility for irrelevant/nonsensical content to be produced.

Closers Copy

Closers Copy is a software that is brimming with features that will allow you to improve your copywriting skills, including templates to help you get started and all of the tools that you require to be a great copywriter.

Closers Copy creators have been in the sales industry themselves so they know what it takes to make a sale; their industry knowledge combined with AI technology has resulted in all-in-one software that continues to help businesses grow.

This software has a generous array of templates to choose from; all you need to do is choose which one is best suited for your content goals such as ads, email campaigns or sales letters’ and fill in the blanks.

You could also make your own templates if you want things done your way.

Once you have finished writing your content you can make use of the one-click-analysis tool that will display the overall tone and the emotions that your work is likely to trigger in your readers.

The same analysis tool also has an in-built checker to ensure that your work won’t be sent to anyone’s spam box.

Closers Copy is very useful for online marketing since it comes with an ad preview tool that can tell you how your ad copy will look on Google or Facebook.

Since it is an all-in-one tool, you don’t need to be great at writing in order to produce high quality content; this AI is highly intuitive and the software is very simple to use.


Closers Copy has two available types of paid accounts,

The freelancer account is worth $39.99 per month and the professional account is worth $49.99.

While they don’t offer a free trial, they do have a 30 day money back guarantee that allows you to obtain a refund as long as you meet their requirements to be eligible for a refund.

  • Multiple features ,copywriting tools and templates.
  • Effective yet simple for people with no experience.
  • No free trial offered. is a heavy-duty copywriting tool with the ability to create everything from short Facebook ads to long-form blog posts.

It can be used with Google Ads, promotional emails and blog comments to assist you in all of your marketing needs and in just a few minutes you can try out several templates, even if you have no marketing experience as using a template is very simple, you just need to type a short description and some keywords about your service or product into the fields provides until the AI technology generates the copy, which takes just seconds.

Copysmith excels at providing accurate copy however if you’re unhappy with your first attempts and are looking to improve accuracy, carefully consider the keywords and description you used, Copysmith carries a blog post generator that will write an entire blog post for you.

After entering your introduction, a few keywords and a couple of introductory sentences, the template is already filled with useful, accurate copy dictated in your writing style, editing content has never so easy thanks to the efficient rephrase function that can suggest alternate phrases instantly on demand.

Copysmith offers a subscription plan to safeguard your content against plagiarism, in addition to this, Copysmith’s content is generated with state-of-the-art AI technology which means it can pass all mainstream plagiarism checkers (For eg, Copyscape).


For smaller and medium businesses, the starter account is recommended. As a user of the starter account you will receive 50 credits per month that you can use to get 500 pieces of original short content types,

If you choose to be billed monthly the cost for this is $19 per month.

For annual subscribers the cost drops to $16 per month.

For more substantial growth and marketing professionals, the professional account is recommended.

You will be given 250 credits each month that you can use to create 2500 pieces of original content.

Al content types are supported and you will also receive 100 blog post credits the professional account offers you priority for customer service and assistance and a prioritized input on your product roadmap.


If you choose monthly billing this will cost $59 per month,

If you choose annual billing then the cost is $50 per month.

Copysmith generously offers a 50% discount for nonprofits and b-corps, you just need to email a copy of your certification to them to receive your discount.

Also available is the enterprise account which is recommended for marketing agencies, teams or those who run a copywriting business, this account will come with 2000 credits per month which you can use to create 20,000 pieces of original content. All content types are supported and they also offer unlimited blog posts.

The enterprise plan has a custom domain that you can use for sharing outputs, an assigned account manager and prioritised output on the product roadmap. The account cost is $499 if billed monthly or $424 per month if billed annually.

There is also the 2021 early adopter plan; with this you’ll receive 1000 credits per month that you can use to produce 10,000 pieces of copy for all types of content. You also get 100 blog post credits. You would receive prioritized customer service and input on the product roadmap with this account; the cost of this plan is $59 per month if billed monthly or $50 per month if billed annually.

If your work is even higher volume than the above plans can support, you can fill out a form on their website and a representative will contact you via email as soon as possible to offer you your own custom plan.

  • offers a free trial without requiring credit card details
  • provides affordable and flexible plans.
  • unused credits or posts aren’t rolled over into the next month, so it works best if you need a consistently large amount of copy.


As a marketer, you’ll understand the importance of creating engaging, interesting content that persuades customers to buy from you.

But do you often find yourself in writers block mode? Struggling to draft new content or update your social media channels?

Well, there’s an easy solution. Writesonic AI marketing software can help you break through your creative blocks and assist you by generating quick-witted writing based on industry-relevant key words.

Forget about hiring expensive writers who may not fully understand exactly how your company works, just let our artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting while also offering natural, engaging and professional content.

Writesonic is very similar to CopyAI, Copysmith and conversionAI although it offers more flexibility in terms of pricing.

Writesonic offers a free plan with up to 10 credits, a starter friendly plan including article writer for $25 a month and various other tiers at multiple price points – right up to $449.

  • Offers a free basic plan.
  • Multiple plans at multiple price points
  • Writes natural, professional content based on the context you provide
  • As with many writing tools, it can struggle with more emotive writing.


Rytr is a user friendly, light weight and simple alternative to ConversionAI; rather than a huge array of templates, Rytr feels more like a streamlined app.

When you open a document you are greeted by a simple panel offering you a selection of templates – including simply expanding on or re-writing a section of pre-written text – and a tone dropdown that allows you to quickly and easily alter the mood of your content.

You are only given one content generation at a time however you can regenerate it – or part of it, as much as you’d like which still allows you to take charge of and optimise the content creation process.


Rytr offers a limited but free tool, however if you run out of credits the paid plans start from just $15.

This is indisputable value as even if Rytr was only half as good as it is, I would still regard this as excellent value for money, just for quickly producing occasional Youtube descriptions, SEO meta tags and email follow ups.

Rytr certainly lacks the weight of Conversion AI’s Pro plan however to compensate, it is nearly half the price of Conversion AI’s cheapest plan

  • Plugin support
  • SEO and grammar tool support
  • Free tool option.
  • The programme may require additional support to formulate coherent content.


Contentbot has created a buzz in the last few months and with good reason; Contentbot is an AI-supported content tool that helps bloggers create engaging blog posts by delivering fresh, relevant content daily, weekly or monthly.

In this review we will explore what makes Contentbot so unique and why you should consider adding it to your blogging toolbox.

I have tested their WordPress plugin mainly for blog introductions and the results were astonishing, I’ve concluded that contentbot’s generated content is high quality and works well for most topics however it lacks some comprehensiveness when you try to pinpoint a specific topic.

When you want to automate closing deals, Contentbot is the ideal solution using GPT-3’s advanced natural language processing system, Contentbot efficiently and automatically generates strong sales emails with zero effort on your part.

A major advantage to using Contentbot is that it has WordPress plugin flawless integrated with Gutenberg, making it a smooth process to share high-quality snippets without even lifting a finger.

Content creation has many challenges but thanks to Contentbot, you have your own personal AI assistant that speeds up the content-creation and saves your time and effort for other things.


ContentBot offers a free limited account with access to 10 free short form credits and some short form tools.

For paid subscribers, cost are as follows,

$29 per month for premium which allows you to write up to 42,000 words with Contentbot.

$79 per month for premium plus which allows you to write up to 130,000 with Contentbot.

  • Writes high quality content.
  • Regular emails with content ideas.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg.
  • Content can take longer to generate compared to other AI powered copywriting tools.

Surfer SEO

As a business owner, while it is crucial to create effective sales copy to turn readers into buyers, it is just as crucial (if not more so) to get traffic to your product, otherwise even the greatest marketing efforts won’t succeed.

Paid advertising gets expensive very fast and these competitive markets means you’re going to have to keep spending to keep selling which will just eat into your long term profits; however there is organic SEO – writing pages to answer popular search terms on Google that are relevant to your audience…

But how do you get from page 6 to page one of Google?

Surfer is the most powerful on-page SEO tool on the market today, it analyzes top-ranking pages for your keyword to produce a recipe for you and your writers to follow.

For example, word count, related topics, popular queries and hundreds of other ranking factors are all compiled into an easy to follow editor that awards you a content score while you write.

If you’re a copywriter, Surfer is a great way to increase your fees by guaranteeing a particular content score to your clients which promises an increased amount of future traffic from your target audience.


WordAI is a market leading spinning software that has the ability to reword entire sentences for you in order to create new organic content.

In offers multi-lingual support in English, Spanish, Italian and French which makes it suitable for everyone.

As well as being one of the most talked about article generators, word AI looks at the meaning and context in your sentence to decide how it can be appropriately reworded; this is one of the things that makes it a powerful copywriting software tool.

The automated spinning features of WordAi are excellent for busy business owners, but the tool does have some limitations when it comes to altering the spintax by hand.

WordAi creates acceptable content for software however there is still room for improvement, but until computer language or human consciousness improves it cannot be perfected as an AI writer.

Content will usually be well edited however content with spam-like qualities require re-editing manually as WordAi may not understand the material, this is a simple yet high quality article spinning software which offers convenient tools for scraping content without flagging any plagiarism checkers which means you can be secure in the knowledge that there is no unoriginal and plagiarized material putting your business at risk, it is clear to see why it only grows in popularity.

Contrary to what you may expect from a copywriting software designed to generate content, WordAi does not cope as well when faced with specialized terminology.


WordAi offers a three-day free trial to allow you to demonstrate how it is capable to assist you in your writing process however subscription pricing is as follows,

$49.95/ month or $347/year with plans aptly named ”Turing monthly plan” and ”Turing yearly plan”.

For processing volumes larger than 3 million words per month, contact the sales team as they are usually happy to offer bulk API pricing; the usual rate being $2 per 10,000 words.

  • Incredibly fast programme
  • Multilingual support
  • A little on the expensive side.


As the name suggests, Automatic Script is a copywriting tool that can automate the process of content creation, the content that you can create includes scripts for sales letters, email campaigns, video scripts, headlines, Sales copy and social media posts for Google Ads + facebook ads, Webinar and more.

It does not matter what business you’re in or what product you’re selling, the scripts can be edited and customised to your business requirements.

All you need to do is select the type of script that you want, select your model and then the software will ask you about your requirements, allowing you to fully personalize the process.

You will then receive an editable script to download for your own use.

Automatic Script has a standard subscription plan that costs $39 per month if billed monthly or discounted to $20 if billed annually.

The standard plan gives you a limited selection of scripts and tools for your use, if you want more you will need to upgrade to the The enterprise plan which has more features available, The Enterprise plan costs $69 if billed monthly, discounted to $40 per month with annual billing.

Autoscript also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can obtain a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the programme.

  • substantial discount with the annual payment plan
  • creates fast copy for your business.
  • You may need to tweak the scripts to make sure it sounds unique.

Copywriting software vs. Professional Copywriters.

Hiring a copywriter doesn’t work for everyone, particularly small business that need to keep costs as limited as possible to ensure economic viability,

If you’re running a new small business and are new to entrepreneurship, perhaps you’re still experimenting with your brand voice, business vision and target market.

You probably do not have a clear path towards your business goals just yet.

However, its clear that nobody will understand your company, services or products better than you do, so if you haven’t quite got it figured out yet, imagine how a copywriter will fit in with that? They will just have to generate a generic sales copy and content for you.

The problem with this approach is that your target audience have surely had their fill of generic content already; you need to be able to capture their attention and entice them to become customers, you cannot do this with overused clichés, flowery statements or generic sales spiel, you must make an impact with the truth behind your story and words.

Copywriters cannot magically produce words that will make your products sound like the best thing since sliced bread however you know your products, services and what kind of values you want your business to embody since it is you that poured your heart and soul into producing them;

Can a copy writer truly capture that?

Besides, copywriting services are not as cheap as you may think, writers actually charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for their services with absolutely no guarantee that their work will convert to sales; if this happens to you, you’ll lose money.

Anyone can write, while your words may not be as immediately good as others you can rely on copywriting tools to help you improve; these tools can turn your simple words into convincing ones. Some of the best writers rely upon tools to help improve their work and cater to specific audiences.

If you invest in a high-quality AI copywriting tool, you can do the work for yourself and save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars!


The success of your business depends on good content creation and copywriting tools can optimize this process; copywriting may not be as easy as we wish it was but if you work with effective copywriting tools you will no longer have to worry about writer’s block. Your efficiency will be improved immeasurably as you no longer have to waste any time staring at a blank page wondering how to start or continue…

You no longer have to invest a lot of time and money trying to learn how to copywrite; you do not have to waste money hiring a writer who doesn’t know your product, service or market well enough to produce great results.

Not when you can do all of this and more, even if you have no experience in marketing, sales etc as long as you have the right copywriting tool and with such a wide array of automated copywriting software it has truly never been easier to create good content with minimum outsourcing!

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